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Príspevok od užívateľa geb88(poland) » Streda, 17. Augusta 2016, 21:38


I'm looking for some not so common here claustral and semi-claustral ants like Pheidole, Ponera/Hypoponera, Proceratium, Temnothorax corticalis, Cataglyphis and Prenolepis - of course if they are not protected by law and are common in your region.

I would also like to get some pupae of Camponotus fallax (and some workers to keep an eye on them during the transport) if any of you have possibility to gather/share them.

In exchange I can send small colony of F. cinerea started last year (+ additional F. cinerea queen from this year if you will be interested) or acrylic formicarium (used twice: 1 and 2) or just pay for them (for now I don't know how to do that but I will menage that if there will be a seller :) ).
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